Arrival at Pittwater Sydney NSW

December 12, 2008

After having covered 536Nm from Brisbane we arrived at the Royal Prince Albert Yacht Club in Pittwater, a bay some 15 Nm North of Sydney NSW.

The last 24 hours were not too nice considering that the wind all of sudden changed from northerly to southerly and the seas /waves became unpredictable. At one time a big wave just came over the boat and filled the cockpit completely. Theun could barely hold himself to the wheel. We had no idea from where the wave came. We only lost one tube of suntan and of course Theun became completed soaked. Since the water was still over 20 degrees it was not a disaster.

At around 1725 on Thursday 11 December we entered Broken Bay being the entrance to Pittwater. When we entered Pittwater we saw some 20 to 25 boats doing a race inside the bay and it is quite tempting to join them and compete, but after 3 days at sea we also longed to berth Winsome and find our own berth.

John Bryant, Robert’s cousin, was so kind to pick us up and bring us to the house Robert rented for us.

We had a long sleep and found today a day on which we could not do too much since is rained virtually all day. It gave us the opportunity to inspect the Royal Prince Albert Yacht Club and found very interesting details of Freya, Wild Oaks etc.

Sunday evening Roberto and Marjolein will arrive and modifications to the boat will start Monday morning. The inspection for the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race is scheduled for Thursday. Sailing Winsome from Pittwater to a CYCA berth is scheduled for the Sunday thereafter.

We are on schedule.

Post by Harry Heijst | December 12, 2008 |