Progress in preparations for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race

December 17, 2008

Here the Race is simply called The Hobart Race. It seems no one ever heard the name Sydney-Hobart Race though we are expressly requested by the organisers to call the Race as per the title of this article.

We are daily working on Winsome, really doing nothing else.

Today the HF Radio has been installed, though not completed whereas the first official inspection will take place at 0900 tomorrow morning. Robert begged for a delay of one hour but everyone here is as flexible as a wooden log.

As a result of the installation of the HF Radio only today -a delay for no good reason of two days- the boat is inside a mess so we wonder very much how that will affect the inspection tomorrow morning.

We (Robbie, Majo and myself) have been doing smaller and bigger jobs on board the last days, including drying sailcloths of Boj, Francois and Frank, including drying sailbags, repairing the “slingerzeiltjes”, ordering running backstays for a modest price, folding and sorting the seacharts, buying flares, floating light etc.

As for myself I have had interesting discussions with experienced Hobart Racers such as Alex Whitworth, Commodore Angus Gordon and Jan Scholten about tactics for the race and in respect of safety of the boat and the crew. All of this I will share with the crew once completed in Sydney NSW. Today I had some frightening reports from Jan Scholten about possible conditions during the race.

Our programm as from tomorrow is looking as follows:
Thursday 18 december finishing installation of HF Radio and first CYCA inspection; installing running backstays and forestay; delivering of Daisy
Friday 19 december continuation of preparations and arrival of Frank van Beuningen. Possibly another briefing by Alex Whitworth
Saturday 20 december sleeping ..
Sunday 21 december delivery from Pittwater to Sydney harbour; arrival of Francois and Joost and Reima (?)
Monday 22 december weighing of the boat in empty condition in Sydney Harbour under supervision of CYCA
Tuesday 23 december arrival of Boj (?)

Will be continued.

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