First safety inspection passed today

December 18, 2008

Today at around 0930, just after we cleared most of the mess on board, the inspection started by two inspector appointed by CYCA. Except for some smaller issues like fire-extinguishers and the fact that we could not secure/lock the companionway hatch when in closed position and still open it from inside (a lock is made and another washboard to replace the upper one is being made with an opening in it to enable us to do just that which we will use during the race) there are no issues though CYCA Sydney can come up themselves with additional check and queries.

The inspectors found Winsome a very nice and good boat, well equipped and safe to sail on.

Tomorrow the finishing touch will be done to the HF Radio, making the compulsory call as requested by CYA and it looks like this instrument is nicely working but what do you want else with an antenna on the deck of more than three meters! Also tomorrow the running stays will be installed and Joost’s Daisy will be equipped with the furlinggear and furler control line.

This afternoon I had another briefing or if you wish discusion with Alex Withworth who himself is going to make another trip with his 34′ boat from Falmouth to Sydney of 13.000 Nm going via the Northern passage of Canada i.e. via the waters of Umiavut and Avataq. No need to tell you what short race he is considering the Hobart Race.

Again we are still on schedule.
Frank will arrive tomorrow, Friday, at 0830.
Winsome will be sailed on Sunday to CYCA in Sydney and weighed at noon time prior or after Pinta-M.

Will be back to you.


Post by Harry Heijst | December 18, 2008 |