Progress in preparations for the 2010 season

March 1, 2010

Today the 1st of March, Boj and I have witnesses an enormous progress made in Zaandam with the painting of the deck, with the preparations made by Jan van Balkom and by Jan de Graaff of Jongkind and with the repairs/changes made by René and by Leen Hoogmoed. Quite impressive.

 I am attaching a couple of photographs.

You may observe that our new mast-step has been finished, that the new navigationpanel is ready to be installed as soon as everything behind that panel is finished, that the interior has been improved, that the new screen is waiting to be installed, that the holes/hoses to let the water get away from the washbasin has been installed and that it other than that is looking like a big big mess inside.

If you wish you can see the progress and that is what we did today.

You know that our new Genoa I must be ready by now and that we all aim of being finished by 1st of April after which the hull underwater will be painted-sprayed in order to make her hull as smooth as possible. A lot of work is still needed to make the hull much better than she is now.

Tomorrow new crew will be interviewed so I am looking in a confident way to the progress made in different segments.

Will be continued.

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