Preparations Cowes Week 2010

July 30, 2010

Today we have succesfully completed our planned preparations for the upcoming Cowes Week.

New Genoa I and II have arrived by ELALA and we started testing them yesterday. They are looking very very fine. Today we fixed the patches on both Genoa’s.

Yesterday we have sailed without Andy and we mainly concentrated on the new sails, on the new Sevenstar spinaker, on gybing, on tacks and on fine tuning theĀ  interactions of the crew.

We sailed with Andy and Robert Langford-Wood, we asked CWL to switch on the lights of the starting line for our training and we sailed a course to the East using the laylines dictated by Deckman. As one understands this was not imediately succesfull but it got better as the day progressed.

So we are ready and will face tomorrow 31 others competitors in one of the most competitive competitions we know.

Each and every day there will be a report of the race.

Best regards

Post by Harry Heijst | July 30, 2010 |