Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race contact on board

August 18, 2010

Message for the family and friends of any of  Winsome’ crew Members:

I cannot predict exactly what is the best way to reach Winsome during this race, in case of any urgent matter at home. Just try.

The best chance is probably via e-mail on board at

but please send short messages (just a couple of lines, not exceeding 10kB) and not for instance any photographs or other monsters. It would take too long to load them via our Iridium satellite connection, with a speed of only 9,6kbit/s (this is 1000 times slower than a regular ADSL connection). The result would be that your message will not be transferred at all.

The other way is to send an SMS on my phone +31 6 53 126 115 resp. 06 53 126 115

You could also call RORC in Cowes at +44 1983 295 144 or at +44 7825 007 035.

In case of any emergency or accident on board, RORC has got your declared emergency phone numbers and will call you.

Best regards

Post by Harry Heijst | August 18, 2010 |