Day 3 in the race

August 25, 2010

Today at 1300 UTC we added 171 Nm to our distance making a total of 376 Nm in the race.

Both internet and our Watermaker -called Alida- are working again after a temporary refusal to work properly.

Just two hours ago we had a complete drop in wind. Now the wind is only 7 knots giving Winsome a speed of only 2.5 knots. If this continues the race could last into October, but as we all know wind is never boring and full of surprises. Negative and positive, in an unpredictable manner.

We are drying now our clothes on deck.

Dag Theun, Wiecher, Maas en Hidde, van opa.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 25, 2010 |


  1. hi opa, heel veel succes met je race en wel winnen hè. Dag van Theun.

    by monique | 25 Aug 2010 | 21:23
  2. Een welkome afwisseling van werk om de site bij te houden en te lezen hoe jullie t doen! Keep up the good work! Ik heb inmiddels meer wind besteld voor jullie, daar gedijt winsome toch t beste in!
    Hidde K

    PS: groeten terug aan opa

    by Hidde | 25 Aug 2010 | 22:19