Winsome started day 5 on Friday 27 August in Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race 2010

August 27, 2010

Dear readers, supporters and friends.

Last night was a cool or even cold one with windspeed limited upto 11 to 14 knots. Fortunately we have been able to steer away from the wind-hole West of our rhumb-line avoiding that the distances with Beluga of 46 Nm last night and Selena of 60 Nm were not increased. Towards Beluga we have made good some ground since and we are now at a distance of 33 Nm from her.

Of course we are far from happy what happened to us in the 2nd day but our faith in the boat and our crew is unshaken.

Just now at 14:20 we have covered 597 Nm. The distance to our next waypoint Lamba Ness is 155 Nm or a calculated 25-26 with a steady wind.

Some figures of distances made:
1st day 205 Nm
2nd day 171 Nm
3rd day  78 Nm
4th day 136 Nm

Since I have no means of charging my camera on board, you will have to wait until we are close to land so that I can send them by my iPhone. In the meantime we will try to send some photo’s by the SD card from Joost’ camera. Preparations are made for that action soon. If succesfull they will be added to this very same page by the courtesy of Aline Billiet.

Our speed is now 6 knots, the sun is shining and it is probably 17 degrees outside.

I had no idea that the North Sea is fuller with oil-rigs and supply vessels than the IJsselmeer in August with sailingboats. We have keep a distance of each and every oilrig of 1 Nm, which gives us plenty of work all day long.

“Stoute Wouter” does not dare to read any more naughty magazines on board. He does not know that my camera is low on batteries.

And so we are keeping ourselves busy all day. Keeping Winsome up to her maximum speed, keeping her in good order, charging the batteries on board by running the engine(of course without using the propellor) three times a day for an hour, running the watermaker, eating delicious food prepared and served by our cooking-couple Floris (Flop) and Joost.

Joost is now using his new glasses since yesterday, though without any prior warning given. Also he is lucky we cannot photograph him and put it on the webpage. May be later with his own camera but we need to do this very tactically. He may otherwise object.

Best regards en slaap zzacht.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 27, 2010 |


  1. Wout heeft het nu hopelijk iets drukker op dek met andere dingen ! Volg alles en
    vind het heel spannend.
    Ben ervan overtuigd dat jullie Selena en Beluga gaan
    inhalen. Succes !!

    by Mireille | 27 Aug 2010 | 21:09
  2. Zie dat jullie weer gestegen zijn in het IRC2 klassement!Toch een gevolg van de inspirerende tijdschriften aan boord?! We blijven jullie volgen!

    by monique | 28 Aug 2010 | 11:54