At 1300 UTC day 6 in the Sevenstar Round Birtain & Ireland Race started.

August 28, 2010

Hello today,

Our last 24 hours delivered us 147 Nm bringing the total to 737. In other words about 40% of the total distance.

We have nearly constantly enjoyed wind speeds of 16 to 18 knots. We sailed partially with Genoa II (in which Reima also had to repair a hole being he result of shaving with a turnbuckle) and for the rest Genoa I in which Reima’s repair yesterday did hold so far.

We also encountered a problem with the boltrope [veter] of Genoa I when taking her down. Also here Reima used his skills as ex-sailmaker.

So Winsome is in one piece and our next task is to hunt down Beluga and Celeste, who rounded MUCKLE FLUGGA many hours ago.

Puma Logic, an IRC-1 boat, is now close to us. She has to call Great Yarmouth to repair her alternator at a moment they had a number 1 ranking on the score board.

It is difficult to write with steep waves, rolling the boat constantly around, so I hope to have everyone’s understanding that I do stop here and now for today.

It is quite noticable, feeling the temperature, we are at a latitude of N60 now. We expect at least another hour before rounding MUCKLE FLUGGA.

Best regards to all of you who stayed home.

ps We justed rounded Muckle F;ugga the most Northerly Point of this race at 1715 UTC. Latitude N60 41.7 we opened a bottle of Champagne and drank it

Post by Harry Heijst | August 28, 2010 |


  1. Mannen,gefeliciteerd met de rounding van Muckle Flugga.
    Success met inhalen, dit is spannend om te volgen. Groet. Alex

    by Alex Bisi | 29 Aug 2010 | 10:15
  2. Het is fantastisch om jullie inspanningen te volgen via de Sevenstar website.
    De helft zit er nu op, dus de eindsprint gaat kan beginnen.
    Volhouden mannen.

    Gerard Schaefers

    by Sjeef | 29 Aug 2010 | 17:35
  3. Heel spannend jullie achtervolging, en heerlijk te zien dat jullie die swan inlopen !!!
    De haven wordt verwaarloosd want we vlg jullie ,dus finish maar gauw!!

    by ed Bolero | 29 Aug 2010 | 19:27