Day 7 in the Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race started Sunday 29

August 29, 2010

Saturday 28 August at 1715 we reached the most Northerly Poin this race when we rounded Lighthouse and rocks of MUCKLE FLUGA. This was N60 51,7 W008 53,8

We really had a rough night with winds reaching gale force i.e. more than 35 knots but Winsome felt quite comfortable in these conditions, unlike our competitors Seline and Beluga who lost a great part of their advantage, Whilst they had a lead on us of 60 resp 37 Nm, these have been reduced today at 1300 to only 27 resp 19 Nm. We expect more good news to follow soon.

This morning there came an emergency call from Beluga so we headed straight to their position at 30 Nm away together with Puma Logic but after an hour it appeared that Beluga had no problems. She must have sent a distress call without knowing it themselves. So the helicopter could be called back and we were and are quite happy nothing happened to them.

Considering the waves of last night of 5-6 metres, the waves right now of 2-3 metres seem quite humble. Still Winsome is moving like a crazy horse and it is difficult to stay upon your feet without falling, even inside.

Therefore since typing such message is a nightmare I stop but like to give you as last good news that the distance to our competitors shrinked to 19 resp. 15 Nm whilst our speed now is better than theirs.

Unfortunately our heating system is not working anymore, so what is cold remains cold and what is wet remains wet.

Good night.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 29, 2010 |