Day 10 in Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race 2010 has started today Wednesday 1 September at 1300 UTC

September 1, 2010

Dear landlubbers,

The last 24 hours Winsome delivered 129 Nm to us, bringing up the total miles to 1.331 until 13.00 UTCtyoday.

In the last 24 hours we have been hunting both SELENE and BELUGA, but we only succeeded to actually pass on the water SELENE. BELUGA managed to keep us at a respectable distance of 7 to 10 Nm. Presently her lead on the water is 10 Nm. We will have very little chance to pass her during our passage of the West Coast of Ireland considering her longer waterline. In the rating resp. handicap-system this is being taken into account, amongst others. BELUGA is calculated being 5,3% faster on the water and that would mean she needs to arrive some 15 hours ahead of Winsome in order to win. We are not intending to let this happen at all but we need some luck like all boats in this race.

SELENE manoeuvred herself behind us by going far out into to the sea, to return a couple of hours later. She is now legging by some 3 Nm only.

The sea was very difficult last night, high waves, litle wind. It was difficult to steer Winsome wel,l but we all have brought in our various skills to let her go as fast as possible.

Joost has been able to avoid a disaster a couple of hours ago. He discovered that a D-shackle, keeping the Genoa I on deck, was loosening. Probably the tie-rib did break. Leen quickly jumped in and brought the D-shackle on it’s knees and is now secured again with a new tie-rib. Because of Joost clever observation he will be rewarded in due time with Winsokme’s Bronzen Award Medal.

Well and then yes my birthday this morning. Again Joost has been cooking a cake during the night and the boat was full with balloons and girlandes. Coffee on bed with whipped milk(powder). Birthday music, a present in the form of a Sevenstar T-shirt delivered by Carla and Ed (previous owners of Winsome). What else can one wish more on his 66th birthday.

Still 156 Nm to go to pass the Fastnet Rock Waypoint, therafter still 366 Nm. Based upon an average of 140 Nm per day it will take us still 3 days and 17 hours to the finishline in Cowes. Purely theoretical this would mean ETA of Sunday 5th of September 11:00 UTC.

Aye aye.

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