Day 13 Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race 2010 started today Saturday 4 September at 1300 UTC

September 4, 2010

Dear Sevenstar Race watchers,

The last 24 hours we clocked 146 Nm bringing the total Mileage to 1.758

A nearly insane distance for amateurs on a sailingboat doing a race, isn’t?

We had great difficulties in rounding Bishop Rock. Finally we managed to do at 07:30 this morning Saturday 4 September. At that moment BELUGA was 20 Nm ahead of us, SELENE 20 Nm behind us.

After rounding Bishop Rock we headed for Lizard Point with the intention to stay out of it by at least 7 Nm. It was a long and slow, oh so slow ride, not knowing what exactly happened to our competitors. Now Saturday 18:00 we are only 10 Nm behind BELUGA, who is caught under the shore of Lizard Point making no progress at all. We are only 9 Nm ahead of SELENE who kept her speed and is approaching fast.

One can say that the race will start here for the 3rd time.

We still have to sail 187 Nm but that could take days if we would keep our speed of presently below 4 knots.

Time will tell. We are all on deck with a knife between our teeth, just in case we would be attacked by any of our competitors.

Wish us luck, since we will need it!

Best regards

Post by Harry Heijst | September 4, 2010 |