Day 14 Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race 2010 will start today Sunday 5 September at 1300 UTC

September 5, 2010

Waiting for BELUGA or SELENE to come closer.

Beste burgers en buitenlui,

Day 14 coming up. Our last day in the race, perhaps?

After a gruelling night without any wind, we finally have been favoured early this morning with a steady wind of 9 knots, enabling us to make our course and do tactical racing. We are always keeping an eye on both BELUGA and SELENE. At 0600 today BELUGA was 15 Nm ahead of us; SELENE 18 Nm behind us. Everything is under control again.

Yesterday Leen put one of the mainsail cars in place.

The distance to the finish is 140 Nm which could mean arrival Cowes Monday 6 September morning, at least with some help of Aeolus.

Presently our speed is 5.2 knots over ground.

The fact that the score table of RORC is showing us at the bottom of the ranking, does not mean too much. Our average speed is for whatever reason calculated at 0 knots. Consequently the computer calculates that we will never arrive in Cowes. I must admit that I thought the same last night but without good grounds. Just emotions playing with me.

Undoubtedly a lot can still happen, but I feel that our position i.e. a calculated 1st place in IRC-2 Class is not in danger at the moment. According to the UGRIB files -a model updated at 2400 last night- more wind is expected to the East of the Channel. Nevertheless we keep the knives between our teeth, just in case.

The boat is in one piece and so is the crew. We have got food on board for another week (..).

Will be reporting 2 or 3 times more today.

Best regards from all of us on board (still 7 ha ha)

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