Flight Kota Kinabalu – Siem Reap (Cambodja)

December 1, 2010

Overflying Vietnam in peace time

What was thought to be a very very easy flight, appeared to be a difficult
one. We encountered many CB’s on our way so we had to make many deviations, which was a good lesson for me by the way.

We crossed the coast of Vietnam with good visibility and of course we had many thought about the terrible war which took place here.

Vietnam appeared not to be a very large country from East to West, it took us less than one hour to cross the country.

Cambodja appeared to be an even smaller country.

Our approach went very smooth and we were really the only aircraft in the air close to Siem Reap. Arrival procedure were extreemely easy. I believe we did not even see any Custom Officer. The Handling Agent, a NZ woman working here, organized everything for us and after having fuelled the aircraft we left for the hotel.

Our Hotel, recommended by our Flight Attendent who did leave us in Kota Kinabalu, called Angkor Village could be one out of the book of 1001 Nights. It will be a good spot for our day of rest here.

The next flight on 2nd of December will be to Chang Mai, Thailand.

approaching the coast from Vietnam direction HoChiMin-City


over Cambodja


Short final ILS 05 Siem Reap


Siem Reap Airport


Check-in Hotel Angkor Village


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    by schepers | 03 Dec 2010 | 20:26