Poseidon did awake 15th of August

August 16, 2011

Listening to the radio and looking at the Rolex Fastnet Race site, it looks like Poseidon made a mess of it. The problem with Rambler showed what can happen on real BIG BOATS with a very experienced and highly qualified crew once a God has got annoyed. We were happy to learn that all 21 crew have been saved, how we do not know.

For a boat like Winsome they were ideal conditions and it was quite fun to let her negotiate the waves virtually by herself thanks to her really fantastic hull shape, designed by Mr Olin Stephens.

Winsome, built by Huisman and completed by David O. May at his Berthon Boat Yard in 1972 will celebrate her 40th birthday next year. It will be hard to find an appropriate gift for her since she has already got everything, except for a bowthruster perhaps [I do hope one understands that is a kind of joke].

We are very happy to be still No 1 on the leaderboard for IRC4 Class since we passed Lands End. We had to make a difficult choice at which distance we wanted to pass Lizard Point, so it turned out to have been the right one now. In Holland we say “without luck, no one sails well”.

Also in this race we have our usual battle with another S&S design Pinta-M, but so far we have been able to keep her from our tail. She is now 11Nm behind us but we have not discounted her yet. Iromiguy is far behind some 43Nm but even her we have not deleted from our danger-list with Yves Chateau on board. After all we have to give her some 8 hours on handicap based on a race taking us 4 days in total.

One of our crew members is ill and we considered arranging to have him leave the boat when rounding Fastnet Rock so we asked RORC to send out a boat or helicopter, at our cost, but they respectfully pointed out to us that this would be seen as “outside help” and would give us a DSQ. Since we had one in Cowes Week already we are not be very eager to have another.

One of the problems I find these days on board is that really everything is difficult, be it brushing your teeth, finding your clothes, moving on deck etc. The best place on the boat is now at the wheel, secure and full of joy to steer this beautiful and safe boat over these waves.

Though everyone on boards deserves a medal already for their work and dedication at this stage of the race, I wish to mention especially our two cooks Joost and Floris, who make our life here really very pleasant. Since I like to keep the name of the person who is ill now a secret to the families at home, please realize that it could be one of them, or even myself.

Next blog tomorrow.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 16, 2011 |


  1. Alle hens aan dek?! We zien dat jullie nog bovenaan staan in jullie klasse, houden zo! Zal oma Tita ook even inlichten. Good luck!

    by theun en monique | 16 Aug 2011 | 18:48
  2. Guys, great performance so far! I hope your ill crew member will recover soon. Keep up the good work. Joost

    by Joost Dantuma | 17 Aug 2011 | 08:50