Winsome Rolex Fastnet Race 2011 – day4

August 18, 2011

Am unable to write too much today since we are trying to keep Pinta-M, Iromiguy and Elmarlien from our IRC-rated-back. It is a big fight with them though only virtually since Pinta-M is about 18Nm behind us, Iromiguy 53 and Elmarlien 74. We cannot even see them on AIS for reasons I explained earlier in one of my Blogs.

I do not believe that Pinta-M has switched on their AIS, or is out of order, so we cannot even see them on the screen. Iromiguy does probably not have an AIS on board since we failed to observe them from the start during our departure from the Solent. Elmarlien must be now on the leg from Fastnet Rock to Bishop rock so it is quite impossible to give any opinion if they will manage to arrive within 12,8 hours from us.

We are now tacking in the Bay of Plymouth, trying to find the best way to the finish and fortunately the waves disappeared so we are sailing now like we are on a lake or on the Solent with good weather.

One of the cooks just served hot porridge with honey. One word: delicious.

The boat is still in good shape except for the toilet which heaved its last breath during the night. The still waters of the blocked toilet were thougher to endure than the seas we encountered during the race.

I have to get back to my Deckman screen right now in order not to disappoint my entire crew and myself by failing to call the tacks in time.

Perhaps one more Blog tonight, but that will be all for today.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 18, 2011 |


  1. Hi Harry, no more updates till you are in the bar drinking beer this afternoon! Succes!

    by Jan Maarten | 18 Aug 2011 | 12:48
  2. zo enorm spannend dit, sterkte met de laatste loodjes!

    by Elisabeth | 18 Aug 2011 | 13:54