Flight SOP006 Salvador to Rio de Janeiro and Flight URS007 Brasil to Argentine

November 17, 2011


the engine looks still like new…


PH-PNG with his big brother at the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro (SBGL)


We enjoyed a very nice day in Rio. I met again my schoolfriend Tom Heineman and his wife Sonia. We were great friends at High School some 50 years ago, but we meet each other at the best every second year in Holland when visiting. Since his mother died earlier this year his visits may become less frequent so it was a very nice opportunity to discuss our lives during a full day of showing us Rio de Janeiro, which really is a beautifull city.


The next day, 16 November, we arrived at the airport at 0800 but departed only at 1200. Reason: not any controller in the Clearance or Tower talked anything else than Portugese. They simply ignored us so after more than 90 minutes we had to start the engine without a formal permission in order not to loose our minimum battery 24 voltage.

One can ask again the question: is flying safe? Yes of course since all air controllers are professionals and talk the universal aviation language Engels, so mistakes are rare. Hm hm.

Once we got cleared and permission to taxi, we had to taxi 30 minutes as a result of the runway being on the other end of the airport. Once airborn all went and our female ATC controller talked perfectly English. She must have had a free morning?

The flight to Cataratas took us 3:36, mainly due to strong headwinds of over 50 knots. Alex Bisi awaited us and so were the customs. Everyone was extremely friendly and we got quickly a fuel truck and good service from our handling Agent.

first landing in Argentina: Cataratas


…each flight has to be debriefed…


the new Crew: Magi, Harry, Sophie, Urs


Hotel Sheraton is situated in the middle of a national park very close to the Iguazu waterfalls. We made a long walkingtrip with amazing sights. Niagara and Angel waterfalls look like micro waterfalls compared to these.




Tomorrow we continue with Reiseleiter Alex Bisi on board to his hometown Buenos Aires where we hope to meet his flying brother Juan/Johnny as well.

Will be continued

there are also real birds at Cataratas…


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  1. Dear Harry and crew,

    Great to see you shook hands with Jesus during your fly by! Once again a great trip, looking forward to your new stories of your new trips in South America

    by hidde kroon | 20 Nov 2011 | 05:03