Flight JOH009 Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn

November 22, 2011

…the most beauiful airplane in Patagonia



Harry and Alex with the most important ropes…


Alex, Magi, Juan, Sophie


A flight of just under 3 hours. As an additional passenger we had pilot Johnny Bisi, thus a lot of local knowledge about the airport and the weather on board.

What I did not realize is that it was here where Charles Boissevain had the car accident more than one two years ago by now.

On our way from the airport to the hotel we passed the local beach. Sophie shouted with great joy that she discovered an Orka not too far from the beach in the Golfo Nuevo. Much to her regret we had to tell her it was a plastic one with a small engine making the Orka move. Anyhow we have sufficient to talk about now until the end of this trip. Ha Ha.

Today we made another very touristic trip from Puerto Madryn to Caleta Valdez and Punta Delgada. A whale tour where we did see at least 25 whales, mothers, fathers, babies, white ones, black ones, you just name it.



We have been driving a couple of hours. The roads are just straight going on forever, nothing to be seen except for some sheep and local animals such as the guanaco, mara and choique. Am sure that Google can help you in finding out more about them).

Then in Punta Delgada we did see sea elephants. Not a couple, but hundreds of them. Big and slow and fat so we could get very close. Our local guide Roxana knew all about them.


Now we are in the middle of nowhere looking at an old lighthouse built here by the French 1905 to 1915. Transportation problems caused the construction to last that long.

We are amazed and impressed by the endless shorelines and land without horizon.

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  1. Abraham Salm was jaloers geweest. Toch maar een grote voor jou gereserveerd op de PAN.
    Meniscus ingreep geslaagd
    S. kan mee retour als jullie 8 + kn. tailwind hebben.Zij is er slank genoeg voor.
    Vergeet de condors niet in het TORRES DEL PAINE park en een foto van Cape Horn.
    P. & M.

    by tiburon | 23 Nov 2011 | 16:59