Flight destino Tierra del Fuego

November 25, 2011

our hotel in puerto Madryn


gauchos have to eat…


pampas safari: Juan, Cockie, Alex, Magi


Captain Harry




We left Puerto Madryn with a delay of 3 hours with 35 knots of wind. A lot of volcanic ash formed a layer on Pilatypus but PIC Urs cleaned the windows whilst Alex retrieved one of the aircraft covers on the airfield.

Once we reached an altitude of 5.000′ no volcanic ash could be seen anymore and that made us quite happy. The flight to Ushuaia of 3 hours caused no problems except for the fact the Argentine Air Controllers asked me specifically to communicate with them in Spanish! Good luck that I made my English Proficiency test in Budel half a year ago. After all there is only one language in the air ENGLISH. It appeared to be a good test for my Spanish and what I could not understand was picked by Urs based on his Italian language.



Landing at Ushuaia was like a pilot’s dream. ILS runway 27 Circle to land to runway 05 over the Beagle, all in very good weather with an English speaking controller in the Tower of Ushuaia airport.

on right hand downwind rwy 07 SAWH


silver bird at Ushuaia


The next day, today, we climbed to the mini gletcher Marcial. It must have taken us two hours till we reached 1.500 metres. The youngest opa reached as first one the top, then Johnny, then the oldest opa etc.


Ushuaia from the glacier


laguna Margarita


We relax here in the best sense of the word flying over mv SUOMIGRACHT may not be an option, nor flying over Cape Horn. Lots of red tape with Argentine and Chilean authorites doing their utmost make easy things impossible. We are far away from Holland but in this sense not so very far.

In 3 days we will be half way -in days- on our trip, but we already reached the most southern point of our trip. Johnny will leave us here, much to our regret.

Will be continued.

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  1. Congrats in reaching the southernmost city in the world…
    Regarding the request to communicate in Spanish: Johnny must have forgotten that language!! jajajaja
    Godspeed from California

    by Deeter2 | 25 Nov 2011 | 19:06