From one small village in Brasil to another one

December 9, 2011

We left Manaus for a three hours flight to Belem. What we did not know, is that we again would arrive in a 2M city, like Manaus.

The flight went without any problems. In spite of hazy weather, no thunderstorms. Under us jungle, jungle and jungle with many many arms of the all mighty Amazone River.

Coming under the control of Belem Air Traffic Control, we received an order to fly a HDG [stands for heading which is the direction on the compass, i.e. a magnetic course] of 393 degrees. When Urs replied this was not clear, the Air Traffic Controller gave us a new HDG of 3393. All of a sudden another voice came on the radio, apparently someone speaking much better English also being a better Air Traffic Controller, who gave us a new HDG of 110 to intercept the ILS-DME LOC of RWY 6. Everyone who wants to come to the Brasilian World Championship 2014 should think twice or come by boat.

At the airport we were awaited by Expedito Menezes and João Antonio Garcia Jr of Global Agencies Maritime, Spliethoff’s Agent in Belem, Vila do Condo, Munguba etc. They organized an impressive trip over the Amazone and it’s powerfull arms during which my shipping heart got to life again.

We saw a Saga vessel loading aluminium ingots for Japan (?) on one side of the pier, with a Fednav vessel discharging alumina on the opposite of the pier. Then we “inspected” the pier where mv Singelgracht will soon load bulk clay for UPM.

Harry, Sophie, Expedito


Skyline of Belem…


At the right FEDNAV discharging bulk alumina, at the left SAGA loading the finished product i.e. aluminium ingots.


cool boys…


jungle life…


Pre-inspection loadberth SINGELGRACHT in Vila do Conde to load 18’500 tons bulk kaolin for UPM


I had to consult Wikipedia to learn how much bigger Brasil is than Holland. Answer 205 times.

We learned many things from Expedito, who was a very good guide besides his good knowledge of shipping and agencies in general. I could not avoid promising him a steep increase in his agency-fee reciprocal to the beginning of this year.

Tomorrow we will try to close our Brasilian circle, which will be achieved once we land in Natal.

Will be continued.

Post by Harry Heijst | December 9, 2011 |

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  1. High Harry and crew, the South America circle comming to an end. Ahead the big jump again. Good luck!! Very exciting and interesting northern part I’ll never forget our southern trail together. Good flight to Cabo Verde. Alex

    by Alex Bisi | 10 Dec 2011 | 09:47