First training day for Cowes Week 2012

August 9, 2012

Today, Thursday 9th of August, our crew was complete and Winsome in the water after very good work on her at Medina Yard.

So we started to train, in rather nice and sunny weather. Today was the second nice day in this sailing season.

We hoisted our new UK De Vries Sails Main Sail and Genoa I. Both looking very well. We trained on tacks, on spinnaker gybes, on navigation and at the end we were able to calibrate our Apparent wind angles on our B&G Deckman. It was a system I had not seen earlier but appeared easy to use. The computer of Deckman made a nice calculation to give us similar windangles both on starboard and on port tack.


Boj could not resist to order a spinnaker peel. Floris was the lucky mountain goat to do the job at the end of the spinnaker boom.


Winsome sailed well with a good feeling on the steering wheel in the capable hands of Peter Morton so we feel good at the moment and expect to train tomorrow again.

In the meantime another very important job has been finished and that was the painting of the frontdoor of Winsome’s Cottage on 10 Union Road in Cowes in Awlgrip Winsome color. This change in itself will give us a boost or lift in Cowes Week. After all Winsome will turn 40 in September so this is a good occasion for such an important change to her Cottage!!


Will report tomorrow again.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 9, 2012 |

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  1. Boys,heel veel succes gewenst in de Cowesweek ,ik zal jullie blijven volgen!Wij zeilen op dit moment naar Denemarken.

    by Mieke | 10 Aug 2012 | 08:53