2nd leg Heraklion, Greece to Cairo, Egypt

November 22, 2012

A Mega bus for two pilots only at Heraklion Airport

This flight was not an easy one either. Right after our departure we encountered CB’s. Since we were not able to fly over them we had to ask several times permission to deviate from our designated course, “to avoid”. Non pilots would say “to avoid the clouds” or “to avoid the CB’s” but in pilot language is it just like here above. The less words, the better. In this way there is more room for other pilots to communicate with flight controllers and vice versa.

We managed to slalom through the difficult, read dangerous, areas so we were not in danger -today- at any time.

Avoiding a CB (Cumulus Nimbus)

In Cairo we had a warm welcome. In the first place the Cairo airport has three parallel runways each about 4 km length. In the second place it all went easy. No pressure from anyone, no custom problems. Nothing of all that.

Just after lunch my old friend Mr Milad Abousaif turned up in the hotel. I assume he has shares in all the Conrad Hilton Hotels in the world. Anyhow he booked us in the Conrad Hotel in Cairo.

It was the second time he came to see us on one of our trips. The first time was in December 2010 at Sharm El Sheik.

Tomorrow will be our pyramid tour. A non flying day. Life can be hard for pilots.

Will be continued

The yearly test of Harry’s sea survival suit, actually a helicopter outfit. Hard work, exhausting to get in it, nearly impossible to get out of it

Approach to Cairo

Entering the ILS (Instrument Landing System) of runway 05R, turning left, still on Autopilot

Ready for departure from the aircraft

On our way to the Hotel in Cairo

Meeting with our friend and travel guide Mr Milad Abousaif, 600th generation of the Toetanchamon dynasty.

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