Djibouti-Nairobi, no tracker

November 28, 2012

It was an early morning. Getting up at 0500 to depart at 0700. All went alright. PC12’s, run by USA, were training already at these early hours.

PC12’s at Djibouti for special missions…

bye-bye Djibouti.

Ethiopian highlands

Today was the glorious day of our coffee, so this subject has been finalized now. I have no permission to write about it anymore.


We crossed the equator again. For Urs and me -together- it was the 5th time since 2010 and allĀ  going well another crossing will take place in December.

passing the equator from N to S

..and now already S of the equator

The arrival at Wilson Airport was far from easy since we had to proceed on an ILS Approach at Kenyata Airport, then break it off and continue VFR. I am speaking here for myself, not for Urs.

I am too tired now to write anything more, so it are the photographs which will have to do the job.

Nairobi Wilson airport

We just had a nice dinner with Peter and Sylvia van den Hoek at the Muthaiga Club. With “We” I mean from now on Urs, Sophie and myself. The Muthaiga Club is more English than the Royal Ocean Racing Club in London. Both Clubs are embedded in traditions, an expression I have borrowed now already several times from John Luckhurst (no moths seen as yet John).

Why the tracker did not work, we do not know at this moment but we will look at it tomorrow. I knew this could happen and therefore I warned you from the very first moment announcing this Africa flight.

Will be continued

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