29 November no-flying-day

November 30, 2012

Stone Town is quite a nice city in Zanzibar. Our guide Abdul-Rahman Kesi Ali could tell us a lot about the history. Slave trade, Arab influences, a Sultan who ruled at the same time over Oman and over Zanzibar etc. Now there is a new trend in Zanzibar and that is to become entirely separated from the Mainland Tanzania. Where did we hear this earlier: Basques, Province of Quebec, Catalonia, Schotland.

Abdul is married to two wives, has two childern from his first wife. Now his second wife, whom we did meet en route during our trip to the monkeys, is pregnant. Legally he could have four wives. For a man in Zanzibar having more than one wife means you are strong, let us say not a whimp. We talked a lot about his life during our trip to Jozani Foret Reserve, recommended by my son Otto. He visited that place some 4-5 years ago already. The monkeys are called Red Colobus and we must have seen about 40 of them (including some grey ones).

I have to stop now here. Tomorrow is an early day. Our flight will bring us to Harare.

Our tracker may not work at all until we will get North of Djibouti again. We are ouf of the satelite coverage. Sierra-Echo is looking for a solution to get at least our predicted routes in the system.

Will be continued

shopping tour in the morning…

the red colobus monkey

Harry and his new friend

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