Flight PIL019 to Nairobi, Kenya

December 12, 2012


No more traces found of unwanted cargo on board for others.

Still we had an interview with the security at Victoria Falls prior to our departure from FVFA. They made a kind of report. This subject remains in our mind and does not want to fade away.

The a/c was certainly heavy upon departure as a result of some irresponsible purchases by Sophie at the local market in Lilongwe. She knew it would be her last chance on this trip.

The flight to Nairobi took us only 3,5 hours, but to get away from the airport took as much as 4 hours. In the first place Wilson Airport, the local place, which was supposed to stay closed until 1200 lt, remained closed. The speech of the President, held at this airport in honour of Kenyan Independence Day, took much longer than expected. Thus the airport remained closed for the rest of the day. Fortunately we knew we had to think of either TIA or TAB, or both, so we were mentally prepared. Thanks again Gerald and Colin! So we landed at the Airport Jomo Kenyatta International.

one hole over the Malawi Lake

over Tanzaia: starting the descend towards Nairobi

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Intl Airport

What we could not foreseen were delays caused by:
1. Wrong instruction of Jomo Kenyatta Airport Controllers directing us to the wrong side of the runway. Delay 40 minutes.
2. Wrong instruction to have us taxi and park the a/c at a position where was no fuel connection. Delay 60 minutes.
3. Arrival of a wrong fuel truck only suitable to fuel a/c with high pressure. Delay 60 minutes.
4. Having to taxi back to another parkingplace than designated. Delay 60 minutes.
5. Separation of our personal belongings over two different custom stations. Delay 20 minutes.
6. Taxi drive to our hotel of 50 minutes.

After a quick swim at Muthaiga Club, we were welcomed by Sylvia who joined us for dinner at a very nice restaurant where we celebrated her and Peter’s Membership at the Muthaiga Club. Her first official action at the Club was to pay for our rooms (Ha Ha). No cash accepted -a Club embedded by traditions, John- whilst my VISA Card was being used last week by someone paying his or her hotel bills in Thailand with it and thus blocked. I happened to know that Christine Paauwe was last week in Thailand. She might have forgotten her secret 0-0-0-0 code, alternatively Carel has changed it. I intend to have a word with her upon my return.

So this early morning we had to say good bye to our girls, who stayed behind in Nairobi (Nairobbery says Colin) to catch their flights to Amsterdam and to Zürich. The story of our delayed departure (the intelligent reader may have guessed this already), will follow tomorrow.

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