Flight PIL020 to Djibouti

December 14, 2012


Well, well, the intelligent reader will have guessed there would again delays today with our Nairobi departure. “Only two hours” this time.

Not that the reasons are important but
1. The agent who advised us he would pick us personally, did not do it but did send someone else instead.
2. The someone else looked like a guard of the hotel and denied he was sent to pick us up when we asked him. I know my English is not perfect but his English was not much better than my Hungarian.
3. He finally drove us to a wrong place in Nairobi.
4. Arrival at the airport was 01:55 later than scheduled so we had to delay our flight by one hour. Not bad at all for Nairobian circumstances.

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta: taxi to RWY 06 via J and G

avoiding some weather during climbout

passing again the equator from South

over the equator

passing the border of Ethiopia in descend towards Djibouti

back at Djibouti

It was a four hours flight today. Because the breaking into the a/c did not give us a break, we continued during this flight our search. Finally we found the evidence: my Sony Vajo pc on board, used exclusively to update the Honeywell/Jeppesen data, appeared to be missing from it’s bag. It was time to make an update at Djibouti so that was the reason I looked at the pc. The bag was still there but nothing in it. I know it that it took Carter much longer to discover he was not the first one in the tombe of Tutanchamon, but still ..


We have now alerted via Andy Farmer, our hero, the airport and security at Victoria Falls Airport and will await the outcome, if any.

Will be continued

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