Winsome in Lymington; open heart and aesthetic surgery at Berthon Boat Yard Lymington

January 22, 2013

This week Wout, Leen and myself went to Berthon Boat Yard in Lymington to discuss the progress, particularly on the rudder of Winsome.



The rudder has been removed for inspection.  We knew there were problems. What we have seen confirmed that the decision to remove the rudder was a good one. The next steps are more difficult since we need to get the rudder back in its original position which is not an easy task considering that the skeg-shoe has been taken off, also considering we had problems some four years ago when Wout and Theun went two times to Lymington to supervise the works on the rudder at that time. Now four years later we have more or less the same problems in terms of reassembling and refitting the rudder. This needs to be done with great care in order to avoid loosing that wonderfully light helm of the blue lady, which has been her hallmark already for 40 years. One of the main challenges is to persuade the pintle (vingerling/draaipunt) at the top of the skeg-shoe to correctly and smoothly enter into the recess at the bottom of the rudderstock.

It would be too time consuming (especially for Wout who has to make all the corrections in my English and in my technical explanation), since I personally only understand half of the problems. Just too technical for a horseman. I know we will have a new bearing for the skeg pintle and new home-(Hoogmoed)-made fairings for the rudder.



Other easier tasks and decisions:

New GFK gaslocker with new exit/drain through the transom of the hull

New Spinlock clutches, 11 in total, throughout for all halyards, downhauls, spinakerboom-lifts, Cunningham and Genoa-cars. On the coach roof 5 on port and 4 on starboard. New teak blocks are being made to support the clutches on the coach roof. Furthermore, two new Spinlock clutches will be fitted on the cockpit coamings for the positioning of the Genoa cars, replacing the old Lewmar clutches. All Lewmar clutches will be confiscated by Leen for his s/y TOOS. I take it the reader now understands better why Leen pressed me so much to purchase 11 new clutches.


New wood on the interior next to the upper-bunks to replace the fake battens.


Overhaul of hydraulic backstay (done).

Two new organizers, each with 4 sheaves instead of 3, will be mounted on the coach roof. New Genoa sheets, new halyards.

Painting of the coach roof and several other places such as the new timber inside the boat next to the earlier mentioned upper-bunks.


Small repairs, replacements and refining throughout the boat.


The idea is to have the boat ready by 25th of March, enabling us to prepare her for the 2013 season prior and during the Easter weekend.

I still feel somewhat nervous about the outcome of the rudder issue but with Leen and Wout on my side I trust that the final result will be good.

Whilst in Cowes we visited Clare Lallow, inspected Luna, visited Andy Cassell, visited East Cowes Marina, checked De Hok for the missing Genoa-loop-connectors and bags to be mounted above the upper-bunks.

Photo’s in the text speak for themselves, at least some of them. For any technical questions you may call Leen or Wout, but not me please.

On 31st of January Leen and perhaps also myself will visit Lymington again to check that all parts are made and/or assembled (notably the rudder!) in accordance with our agreement, prior to mounting them.

After our visit in Lymington, we proceeded to Winsome’s Cottage where everything was perfectly in order. The front door painted with Awlgrip Winsome blue greeted us from far away. The Awgrip paint was Dominic’s gift to Winsome’s Cottage for the 40th birthday of Winsome IV.

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