Succesfull operation of Winsome at Berthon Boat Yard

February 7, 2013

Today, the 6th of February, we had the pleasure to observe how the patient is recovering.


Leen was one day earlier in Lymington and could check all items carefully. He was satisfied.

The rudder, my biggest headache, is moving like a leave on a tree.


I quote here below the message Dave Street, now nominated as The Prince of Winsome, sent me below


Dear Harry,

Thank you for your visit. It was very good to spend time with Leen and to decide on the position for the clutches.

The summarize:

Red lights were working and the new internal panels look good, with no splashes!

The rudder is now very easy to move with very little friction in the bearings.

We will continue with fitting the rudder, installing the new fairings supplied by Leen. The fairing will be cut to shape and fitted flush with the skeg and the trailing edge will be approximately on the centerline of the rudder stock. John will machine the Tufnol infil block to give 1-2mm clearance between the rudder and skeg and not cause any friction.

The new rope clutches will be fitted in the positions marked today. We will make a full size backing plate of 6mm thick alloy and fit up to the underside of the coachroof on epoxy glue. The plate and glue will give good strength to the area,  covering the old/redundant holes to prevent any possibility of any water leaks, should there be any movement between the new timber chocks and the coachroof.

The new stainless steel gas locker drain fitting will be completed and fitted into the transom. The gas man is expected next week to install the locker drain pipe. He will make sure the drain is gradual with no dips! The long bolts for the new gas locker will be cut off and a method will be used secure the lid shut just in case Winsome goes upside down one day.

When the gas man is finished we will paint out the cockpit lockers and check all the limber holes are clear.

Both manual bilge pumps are going to be replaced with a new cover for the cockpit one.

We will progress with the above jobs to have the boat ready to move into the paint shop on 25th February. Before moving we will apply antifouling paint to the area adjacent to the cradle supports to ensure the whole bottom is given a very good coating of antifouling paint and then burnished smooth. Once in the paint shop we give Winsome a very good wash down to remove the dust, then paint the areas on the coach roof top and around the cockpit.

I will continue to keep in touch with progress and plenty of photos.

With kind regards


Dave Street
Manager, Yacht Maintenance and Repair
Berthon Boat Company
The Shipyard
Bath Road
SO41 3YL

DDI: +44 (0)1590 647404

For details of all Berthon Group services please go to our web site

Already now I am looking forward to the season 2013.



Other good news is that Peter Morton, promised to helm Winsome on the Round the Island Race 2013 whilst the Queen, his Queen, has given approval to do so.

27-28th of March Leen and myself will travel to Lymington to prepare Winsome for this season and we will be followed on 29th by Floris en Joost Nijhoff in order to have the boat ready by Sunday the 31st of March.

The annual Crew dinner is scheduled for Sunday 7th of April, as from 4pm.

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