to steer or not to steer, that’s the question

March 20, 2013

David Street of Berthon Boat Company Lymington reported today as follows:

Dear Harry,

Please see attached photos of the steering box.

Apart from two failed bearings on the input shaft (small) and a little rust staining on the internal parts all is in good order.

Engineer John has now assembled the box on fresh grease and it will be fitted back aboard and connected  tomorrow morning.

The is now very little friction in the box, gravity pulls tiller arm down, which is good for a high ratio gearbox.

The new bearings fitted are standard sealed steel bearing that are prepacked with grease. John’s new sealing wash will prevent any further water ingress along with regular use of the grease gun for the future.

I will take more photos tomorrow with the box fitted, and general photos of Winsome with the mast up, before the rain starts again.

With kind regards


Post by Harry Heijst | March 20, 2013 |