Delivery of WINSOME by and from Berthon

March 29, 2013

Today Leen and I took delivery from Dave Street, after Berthon changed the position of the radar reflector to the same position of the last years and after we made a short sea trial with John Morton in respect of the Perkins engine. The engine runs fine, better than last year we believe.

However the most significant and probably most important change is the steering of Winsome. Like a feather!! If one sneezes the wheel would turn already. It will give us an advantage compared to the last three or perhaps four years. I cannot remember how long ago it was, the rudder acted to gently.

Tomorrow I will report on the deck outlay and on some other isues.

Winsome is now in East Cowes Marina E-2 berth, as usual. It was an ice cold trip with full tide at fulll Moon (Luna) against us.

Tomorrow evening we expect Floris, Joost N and Herman to arrive in Cowes and assist us Saturday and Sunday.

Post by Harry Heijst | March 29, 2013 |