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April 1, 2013

Wednesday we looked at a demonstration XS-700 RIB, to possibly replace the present Solent RIB. It will be a much better RIB. Better stability, better engine (whispering only) more space (but less regular seats), modern, Mercury Verado F200 outboard engine, fly-by-wire gear shift, in deck automatic bilge pump, watertight lockers etc. In short more suitabe to our needs and wishes.

Friday afternoon Floris, Joost N and Herman arrived indeed at Cowes, carrying the Mainsail and other items by car.

Saturday we used to prepare Winsome, to put sails on board, and everything from De Hok [the New Zealand version of our storage locker in East Cowes]. So she looked already on Saturday afternoon.

Today, Sunday, we needed unexpectedly a lot of time to complete the preparations. Herebelow Leen and Floris tried to get control over the 200 meter long Nylon line for our keg anchor. They finally succeeded and put the entire line plus chain in the anchor bag made to order for us in Zaandam.

Only at 2pm we left the Medina and headed for position 50 46.58N 001 21.46W to check if Sevenstar had indeed taken over this Mark from Raymarine. Stuart Quarrie confirmed me we had to look for this position. I hope that Sevenstar will keep this Mark for many years to come so that the entire sailing community will get it imprinted! With Richard on the helm this year during Cowes Week Winsome has to make an impression.

We had put up Genoa III and managed to keep that sail relatively dry in spite of some waves and 16 knots true wind. Steering was an amazing experience and I do believe that it never has been smoother in the last 4-5 years. I am sure we will sail faster this year, just because of the steering.

The deck layout with now 11 new Spinlock clutches is looking very professional. Thanks to Carl I could get going the Deckman as well.

The crew was content and felt quite comfortable.

After we rounded Sevenstar on port, we headed South to East Lepe.

Thereafter East to Gurnard and from there to the Medina, East Cowes Marina

We are ready for RORC Cervantes Race. Our first start this season. Peter Morton on the helm at the start with permission of the Queen resp. his Queen.

It is looking very very good, I dare to say. All intense preparations during the winter have paid of.

Reminder: crew party 7th of April from 4pm

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