A journey of 1.000 Miles, starts with a single step. Lao Zhou. A trip of 18.000 Miles, starts with a single flight.

June 5, 2013

After a good sleep, after a strong coffee at Aerolocarno and after a Custom’s check we departed with a weight close to our maximum take off weight. The runway of 780 meters was long enough, not any problem.

A departure where Lugano is involved, is never an easy thing but my newly developped/upgraded hand flying skills helped me a lot in flying at least three 360 over the VFR reference point E in Lugano airspace. Commander Urs knew perfectly what to do to satisfy the Lugano controllers and we started our four hours trip to Istanbul leaving happy controllers in LSZA [Lugano airport].

After we reached FL270 [27.000′ or 8 km] we started doing some checks. First controlling our tracke supplied by Philippe Winum of Sierra-Echo. The pilot windshields create a lot of problems to the trackers to reach the satelites, so we tried to use the tracker from the passenger cabin. You can see yoursef that the end result was not bad at all.

Then I checked the smoke goggles, a silly look but that cannot be taken into account in an emergency with smoke in the cockpit.

Then we checked the Garmin 296 which worked very well.

Thereafter coffee, oh but now I have to be carefull since not everyone has appreciated my African coffee stories. The coffee was very good, thank you Bettina, Margherita and Michèle.

Then we encoutered bad weather. CB’s [Cumulus Nimbus] forced us to make several deviations and reduce speed at the same time. One time we must have hit the eye of a very small CB, having no escape route, and we felt like being machine gunned by hail. The a/c was more or sand blasted. Not good for the paint, Claudia.

After that we came back in VMC [visual meteorological conditions, meaning you got visibility] and we landed in very smooth weather.

In Istanbul we were received by Captain Yunus, whom I had to promise a doubling of his fees etc. Well only the sun is rising for free, we all know that isn’t it. Trust no objections from HQ.

Tomorrow a longer flight of 5 hours to Isfahan, Iran. Not only that, but we will also loose 1,5 hours for time difference with Istanbul. No guts, no glory.

Mehrdad Farhangmehr is waiting to see us in Isfahan and will also accompany to Shiraz.

Will be continued.

Post by Harry Heijst | June 5, 2013 |


  1. No comments for the time being other than avoid the next hail storm and a super and safe flight/journey!!!
    Abrazo fuerte, m

    by michiel irish' stephenson | 07 Jun 2013 | 13:20
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