Cowes Week, day 4

August 6, 2013

Due to the lack of steady wind today, the start of our race was postponed, postponed even more, then the starting line was replaced eastward in order to get more wind from the seabreeze. Just when we thought the wind picked up and we had a steady 7 to 8 knots of breeze, the race was cancelled due to the lack of stable winds. Fortunately for us though, the sun was out, we had a good rest on deck, many interesting talks and educated Laura in our typical Dunglish (powerhose, swimminglicense, let’s put the fok up). Joost H took the lead in taking a swim in the Solent after which the deal was made to all go swimming in case the race got cancelled, and so we did.


So no result today, we are still 3rd overall. The wind predictions for the rest of the week are quite mild too, but hopefully we will get some more racing done than we did today.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 6, 2013 |