Winsome 2014

February 21, 2014

Wednesday, 19 February, Leen and myself visited Winsome at Berthon’s Boat Yard. The mast was looking already fabulous, the hull not yet but all is looking to be under control for delivery to us on 10 April. (Details to follow at a later moment or via the webpage)

Therefore we are confident that the program we have in mind can be kept, at least as far as delivery and preparation in April is concerned.

As to the race program we had to make a change and replace the race Guernsey on 26 June by another race i.e. De Guignand Bowl Race starting 7 June. Provisionally we have pencilled in for that race the crew who committed themselves for the Morgan Cup Race (the race to Guernsey), which is not taking place this year at all.

We would like to know if this crew can accept this change.

The crew dinner remains scheduled for Sunday 6 April and we can announce already now participations from abroad: Laura Dillon, Brenda Fishwick and Catherine Libeert. We are waiting now for the commitment of Peter Morton and his Queen and perhaps others.

Here below the crew entry schedule. Please send any changes or request for change to Boj Mirck and to myself.

Then some photographs taken on wednesday

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