Sevenstar’s BBC GREENLAND carrying WINSOME

September 13, 2014

Just after our take off we FlyBe, Leen discovered SEVENSTAR’S BBC GREENLAND leaving Southampton. I do realize it is a pretty bad photo and wonder if any court would admit it as valid evidence [Dantuma your best guess please].


This morning AIS showed her position and speed. Unfortunately it doesn’t show if WINSOME is still on deck i.e. in exactly the same position as SEVENSTAR’S BBC GREENLAND. I could have organised it by engaging the AIS on board of WINSOME. However in that case she would arrived with depleted accumulators. That again I could have avoided by keeping the engine running, however in that case she would run out of fuel etc etc. Well in some situations one never wins.


Post by Harry Heijst | September 13, 2014 |