We start feeling a little bit Maltese already (..)

October 11, 2014

After we filled our water tank with water and our diesel tank with diesel, not the other way around, we started thinking of leaving Kalkara and proceed to the Royal Malta Yacht Club [RMYC].

First of all a diver inspected the underwater hull and cleaned our waterline. The hull had apparently no other damages than those we discovered when WINSOME was hoisted on board of SEVENSTAR’s BBC GREENLAND. We feared the diver would tear off the fairings (!), but he left them in tact as per our explicit instructions. Except for the propellor the diver did not find any growth on the underwater hull.

The we met the Principal Safety Inpector Albert Bonnici and he was happy to do the inspection right away. He checked all items carefully and made following observations:
1. Lifelines needed to be tightened
2. Anchors had to be attached to the anchor lines (crew knows why we followed Leen’s advises to do it differently)
3. Check stays and safety lines to keep the wash boards on board needed to be placed.
We would have done 3. regardless of the inspection, but we complied with 1. and 2. as soon as we arrived at RMYC. Thank you Albert!

Robin Claushuis reported that WINSOME could be seen on the webpage of VARUNA. Look for yourself to satisfy your curiosity, if any.

Then we had to say good bye to Claire, after we paid all expenses incl €400 to clean up the grease from SEVENSTAR’S BBC GREENLAND. Claire you did a great job for us and it was very nice to stay in your marina.

Claire in her fortress

We left the mooring without problems thanks to Floris’ Caribbean experience.

Beautifull weather so we decided to calibrate the Halcyon compass.

Entering the bay of RMYC we saw this.

Fort St. Elmo

We got instructions where to find our anchorage at the RMYC. Nice place as long as the wind stays calm. If not all boats may be in trouble

One can see WINSOME very well from the terras of RMYC

RYS presence

Floris complying to local regulations

We start feeling like locals, living in the Euro Guest House being pampered by Joanna and Silvan Mifsud.

Last night we accompanied Hubert and Mariana Mifsud to a reception given by the Dutch Ambassador at her residence.

Our life is tough here, but we try to survive.

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  1. Good to see the RYS burgee flying proudly! i will be there Tues pm – looking forward to leaving chilly damp breezy London.

    by AJMCIRV | 12 Oct 2014 | 15:57