Two-step-jump over Greenland

November 22, 2014

Before we started our two-step-jump we went into the Icelandic night life with Laura. After all she would be left behind by the two foxes and would have to spend the rest of the week by herself in Reykjavik. So there would be no better way than an evening in the capital of Iceland. A lady taxi driver gave us information: 200K inhabitants in the capital, but only 100K in the rest of the country.

And look into which bar we ran right away. I am unwilling to write how the rest of the evening developped.

trip central america 4_01
Laura’s second business in Reykjavik…

The next morning still in dark we left at 9am LT. Our progress was hampered by a strong wind being the result of the Jet-stream just on top of us. 90 knots headwind most of the trip to Sandre Strom. Now I know, since Pantelleria, what is 55 knots, it was a good feeling to be inside of our super aluminium sigar produced by Pilatus Aircraft Factory. What a superb job you all did Pilatus Factory Crew!

trip central america 3_10_Page_20

As you can see on the next photo it was still dark and as a result of three hours time difference we would arrive virtually at the same [local] time as we departed.

trip central america 4_02
take off in Reykjavik at 09:12 am – still in the darkness

Only until the time we came close to Sondre Strømfjord, we had no visibility at all, so we flew like we were in a thick fog. With a car on the road we would have made no chance and would have stayed at home.

Then the weather cleared up and we had beautiful scenaries during the entire approach.

trip central america 4_03
approaching Sondre Strømfjord (Greenland)

trip central america 4_04
turning long final BGSF

Our flight took just over three hours. Sondre Strømfjord must be an awfull small village. Friendly people. Our driver was an amateur photographer and showed us very special foto’s indeed of the Nothern Light so I made an effort to bring him in contact with my son Otto to compare or start a competition.

trip central america 4_05
short final LOC-DME RWY 09 at Kangerlussuaq/Sondre Strømfjord

After taking “some fuel” we departed for Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada.

trip central america 4_06
refueling early in the morning at Kangerlussuaq……. before sun rise

Some nice impressions of Greenland. Our flight would take us nearly four hours.

trip central america 4_07
sun rise after departure at Kangerlussuaq (Greenland) direction southwest, heading to Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada

trip central america 4_08
impression over Greenland

So we approached Goose Bay, though we felt it looked more like the North Pole.

trip central america 4_11
approaching Goose Bay via RNAV (GNSS) RWY 26

It was so cold, that it was strongly recommended by our handling Agent Irving Aviation Services to put the a/c in a heated hangar. As thrifty Dutchman I asked what that would cost and I understood it was $87. Misunderstanding since it was 10x as much. De-icing would have cost the double so we agreed to it (..) having no real choice if we did not want the risk of an even higher charge plus a delay in our flight plan.

trip central america 4_12
Wintertime at Goose Bay, Irving FBO

Since “we earned” again two hours, we were in our wooden or aluminium hotel at 3 pm LT already. We decided for an onion soup and for a Stella Beer and had dinner in the evening at the same place were we have been with Sophie and Aernaut last year. Still I hope we will be able to find another place on our way back in December.

We are now, whilst typing, getting close to Cleveland so I was late today, starting to write my daily proza.

Tomorrow will be another day, flying to Minneapolis MN where we expect to meet Veronique, Sophie and Jim.

As always our fight despatcher Andy Farmar did wonderfull jobs from his Castle in Newcastle.

Best regards

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