Cleveland OH to Minneapolis MN

November 24, 2014

After our dinner with William Friedman, after a good sleep and after a very good breakfast we made our way to the airport where we found out that Pilatypus did not get hanger space for the night. As a consequence of staying outside, the cargo door remained frozen and we had again to use the PAX door. A small inconvenience really.

The flight took approximately three hours and carried us right over Lake Michigan. With a Cessna such crossing takes about one hour [Hans remember our flight to Oshkosh, on our way to Alaska] but now no more than 25 minutes. It was cold though. At FL280 minus 53 degrees Celcius.

trip central america 6_01
leaving Cleveland, Ohio direction Minneapolis

ATC changed our arrival at the Flying Cloud Airport several times so Chief Pilot Frischi had his hands full and was fully concentrated. In my blog of yesterday I mentioned already the TAF’s [Terminal Area Forecast] sent by Jim Hillegass in combination with the bad weather at our destination.

It was indeed close, since we broke out at only 300′ above the runway, just in time to continue the landing and put her down at the tarmac.

Flying Cloud Airport is a very nice airport with friendly people at Premier Jet FBO. They gave us hangar space for the night, which meant the cargo door could be opened the next day.

Veronique and Sophie picked us up the airport, we must have saved them lots of money since they were shopping. They must have felt disturbed in their activities, considering their late arrival at the airport. They pretended not to have had any idea of our arrival time.

For the second time in our life we stayed in their comfortable and beautiful house in Wayzata (part of Minneapolis).

Veronique, Sophie, Harry

trip central america 6_03
relaxing and studying the map of the Caribbean……. at the fire place in Jim’s beautiful house

trip central america 6_04

trip central america 6_05
Jim Picasso

Today is was just pleasant and relaxing. Getting up late, preparing the a/c for our next flight etc. the cargo door was not frozen anymore and we could organise our luggage and stow a very heavy parcel to be delivered to Veronique’s mother. We may be overloaded now, but it is all for a good case, we presume.

trip central america 6_06
KFCM – FBO Hangar of Premier Jet

Tomorrow business as usual, i.e. another flight.

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  1. That hangar looks clener thn my operating theatre. Looks like another great trip. Quite cold in London 1 deg C this morning as we arrived from Bermuda where it had been 24!

    by ajmcirv | 24 Nov 2014 | 20:29
  2. Way to go, opapopa! Tomorrow Urs-pictures? Liefs van ons.

    by Monique | 25 Nov 2014 | 19:23