Leg #13 Santa Helena, Petén to Guatemala City/La Aurora Intl Airport

December 2, 2014

This would be the shortest flight on this trip sofar (48 minutes), covering only 171 Nm. A straight line without a single deviation with only one procedure turn to line up the a/c with RWY 02.

trip central america 13_01
after T/O at Mundo Maya Airport MGMM

Shortly before the approach with had some nice sceneries including some volcano’s

trip central america 13_02
approaching Guatemala City

trip central america 13_03
turning base ILS Z RWY 02 at Guatemala City Airport MGGT

trip central america 13_04
short final RWY 02

What had virtually no influence on our flight was that the departure airport was at an elevation of 427′ and the destination airport at 4.952′. Of course our descent was 4.525′ less than in situations where both airports, like in Holland, are at the same elevation.

Again we went for an RNAV/VNAV overlay of the ILS Z 02 Approach, again the same good result.

trip central america 13_05

The FBO at Guatemala was also here called AIR STATION and gave us the same good service. Their taxi transported us in one hour to our hotel in Antigua called SANTO DOMINGO.

Sophie will take it over again from me to write you our Antigua experience in her own words, with her own choice of photographs. You as reader may never have realized that Urs and I make every day a choice of the many photo’s he takes every day. Tomorrow we have no say into that choice, but we keep it exceptional to stay in control (..).

Tomorrow we will fly to Panama City.

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  1. ………Santo Domingo??????
    That´s the commentator´s ruin in Ronda, you must be way of course…….!!!!!!!m

    by michiel | 05 Dec 2014 | 11:05
  2. ………..an absolute must, “Stay in control”, but you must realize of course that those days are history, and with Sophie as navigator, chief purser and more, rightly so….m

    by michiel | 05 Dec 2014 | 11:08
  3. Hello Gentlemen.
    See you are having a good time…greetings from below the fog in Erstfeld.


    by bole | 05 Dec 2014 | 11:29