Leg #16 Grenada-Antigua 5 December 2014

December 7, 2014

An easy departure from Grenada. We quickly got some fuel, took luggage on board and off we were. Not any other a/c was competing for the runway.

trip central america 16_01
ready for DEP at Maurice Bishop International Airport, St. George, Grenada, TGPY

trip central america 16_02
left Grenada

We had a smooth flight of only 1,5 hour.

trip central america 16_03
over the Caribbean Islands

trip central america 16_04
descending towards, St. John, Antigua

Our final approach on VNAV was as easy as the booklet of Fredy Prachoinig said.

trip central america 16_05
final approach to St. John, Antigua

trip central america 16_06
short final RNAV (GNSS) RWY07 at TAPA

So we completed this leg without any stress. Since the fuel guys made a mistake at the airport about our fuel release we could not fuel right away so we have to do that on Sunday 7 December after they have sorted out what went wrong.

Our taxi was late and it rained upon arrival. That day and evening we had our first real encounter with a M mosquitos. No fun at all. The hotel Harmony Hall was very nice, with an outlook over three hills bought by the well known comedian Mr Berlusconi.

I will continue with our story about our visit to Antigua, a day libero in our schedule, tomorrow. At least if I am not devoured or killed by the mosquitos I was unable to kill.

Post by Harry Heijst | December 7, 2014 |


  1. Mind the mossies, night-time ones give you Dengue fever, daytime different lot carry Chikungunya! Both untreatable! Enjoy!

    by AJMCIRV | 07 Dec 2014 | 12:14
  2. Indeed many tiburoni around Antigua as well.
    Try some sailing as well.
    Good luck

    by Tiburon | 07 Dec 2014 | 12:51
  3. Hi how come you did not apply mosquito replent,?i think its a must in these places.m

    by nar | 07 Dec 2014 | 14:50
  4. ………….watch it, ONE mosquito may be THE ONE!!!m…….

    by michiel | 11 Dec 2014 | 12:18