No leg on 6 December 2014, only our own legs

December 8, 2014

The morning started with a breakfast at Hotel Harmony Hall with a view on three hills. The owner was quickly disclosed to us  by Valentina, Italian herself.

trip central america 17_02
Bunga Bunga Bunga Antigua belonging to Mr. Berlusconi

Then we made our way to English Harbour where we would meet Mr Carlo Falcone, a meeting organised by Wout van Everdingen, who also booked (and prepaid ..) our hotel.

There happened to be a boatshow for Maxi’s so I more or less expected to meet my neighbour Henk de Vries/Fedship and someone of Sevenstar.

trip central america 17_03
Maxi Boat Show at Antigua English Harbour

trip central america 17_01
3 maxi sisters

It did not happen, but Carlo showed us around the boatshow like he was the owner of all these Maxi’s. That may not have been the case, but the port looks to belong to him indeed. With great price he told us that his son was crewing on board of the America’s Team ORACLE on their last winning races in San Francisco!

trip central america 17_04
surrounded by Mr. Carlo Falcone – distant family of Wout van Everdingen

trip central america 17_05
3 customers for a new boat ….

Then we visited a close by harbour, where the “small yachts below 70 feet” were positioned. It was Nelson Dock Yard. This visit was not a great success. It did become in the meantime too hot; Sophie could not buy a new swimming suit; a part of the Harbour was not accessible to us since we did not give the slighest impression to be hot buyers for any of these “small yachts”.

So we returned to English Harbour to have lunch with Carlo Falcone, who apologized for his absence being caught up in other issues that day.

Then we returned to our hotel, but not after we did take a look from Patrick’s favourite place on the Island.

trip central america 17_06
Shirley Heights Lookout highly recommended by Patrick de Koster

At the hotel we were welcomed by this time 5 Million mosquitos. My feet were already sore since Guatemala and hardly got better since. So it was only Sophie who had enough courage to descend to the water to have a look at 4-5 Dragons. Frank are you ready for 2015? I have made a provisional booking already for HESTIA with SEVENSTAR. I know money is no issue for you so I booked her first class which means 1. Direct sailing 2. Under deck shipment 3. Regular cleaning during the voyage 4. A first class ticket for you and Margharita to Antigua at your choice.

Then at a moment when I was sick of all mosquitos, both Boj and Wout sent me very good news of one of the Spliethoff vessels, but you can read it yourself herebelow.


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  1. …dat is inderdaad goed nieuws. bravo Spliethoff!…m

    by michiel | 11 Dec 2014 | 12:13