Leg #24 Montreal, Quebec -Goose Bay, Labrador on 16 December 2014

December 18, 2014

This day we had to say good bye not only to John because we left, but also to Sophie who would leave the next day to Paris.

Before we did this I made with John a quick visit to Don Walton.

We also had to say good bye to Jessica of STARLINK AVIATION/Signature, who gave us a wonderfull reception. This is the kind of treatment we would always like to have. Thank you Jessica, we will be back one day to you!

John brought his daughter to see us leave and let her have a look at the small aircraft, at least that is what Sophie calls it (Avionetta).

trip central america 27_01
Michelle – John

An easy flight of just under three hours, however at Goose Bay there were cables used for military aircraft to train land on aircraft-carriers at sea. I understood from Urs that the cable was at an height of 1.300′ above the runway, but he meant to say the cable was at 1.300′ lateral distance from the beginning of the concrete of the runway. It created some nervousity with me as PF but finally we were able to sort out the issue and we landed without having a military cable around our wheels.

trip central america 27_02
on the way to Goose Bay

trip central america 27_04
final RNAV RWY 08 at Goose Bay

Darkness fell quickly after our arrival and because snow was expected that night we asked ourselves for incredibly expensive hangar space. The hangar once belonged to the Dutch military, but it was not a good enough reason to give us a more reasonable price. Anyhow we would not like to be confronted the next day with an aluminium ice ball which needed then to be de-iced etc.

trip central america 27_06
Goose Bay: back in the cold, the snow, the dark

We were transported quickly by Irving FBO to Hotel North 2, an improved Hotel North 1.

A dinner at Hotel North 2. The female bar tender said us several times that we smelled so nicely. We believed it must have been the Jet-A1 fuel.

Here in Goose Bay we passed the distance of 14.000 Nm on this one month trip. Still 2.500 Nm to fly from here to reach Budel and bring Inge her chocolates.

Will be back tomorrow

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