The continuing story of Bungalow Bill Berthon

March 13, 2015

A few most recent pictures attached of the fill and fair around the skeg and the foam filling inside the skeg. The skeg will be primed and antifouled between now and Tuesday, with a final burnish of the antifoul prior to launching.

The steering wheel (covered with New Forest Elk hide), is fitted and the new wheel and binnacle cover is being made.

The winches have been serviced and only lightly greased. We found a few worn pawls, so these have been replaced. We had to buy a spares kit, so the balance of this has been left on board.

The new rod rigging is made and will be delivered on Tuesday.

The mast cables are all done, except the B&G cable, which is due here on Monday. I just spoke to Peter Köhne and he is happy that the new mast antenna cables are OK for the 4G. I will look for a new 4G antenna.

The black bands on the mast and boom have been re-painted.

The main halyard sheave pin will be done next week.

Launching is scheduled for Thursday 19th. We’ll step the mast either on Thursday or Friday, so we’re on track for Leen Hoogmoed and Jan de Graaff to visit on the 24th.

Regards for now.


Robin Milledge
Manager, Yacht Refit & Repair
Berthon Boat Company Ltd
The Shipyard
Bath Road
Hampshire SO41 3YL






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