Black Saturday

August 7, 2016

The first day became a disaster. In spite of our thorough preparation, ending with a one hour trial race organised by CWL, we did not manage to make a proper start at the Committee Boat.

After a postponement of two hours we made a very risky but excellent start. Expedition said we were at the start only 0,1 boat length  (1,27 meters) below the startline. General recall.

The Committee Boat decided to announce the black flag for the second start.

How we did it will remain unclear forever, but we ended to be one boat length over the line at the start. Result DSQ (disqualification) so we returned right away to East Coast Marina.

We are all quite disappointed.


Post by Harry Heijst | August 7, 2016 |

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  1. 🙁

    A set-back yes, but Winsome can win many for the rest of the week. Bon chance!

    by Angela Lamont | 07 Aug 2016 | 11:05