Winsome on her way from Malta to Lymington

November 13, 2016

Leen and Mac have prepared Winsome for transport to Lymington. Last Monday 7 November the truck departed from Kalkara Marina to the ferry bringing the truck with Winsome to Sicily and from there onto another ferry to Genoa. If the snow in the Alps does not cause problems,  the truck and Winsome will arrive on 17 November in Lymington.

Berthon, Leen and Mac will be ready to receive her and do the necessary to get her into the winter shed on Berthon Boat Yard.

Winter jobs are known already to Berthon and Leen will give directions how to modify the non-used shower in a better compartment for our oil skins, Deck vests and emergency items.

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Post by Harry Heijst | November 13, 2016 |

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  1. Why not Sevenstar?

    by Andrew McIrvine | 13 Nov 2016 | 13:15