16 November 2016 Locarno-Bari. 2nd flying day

November 17, 2016

With Urs fully in control we had no problem to depart from his home airfield for an IFR pick up over Lugano. It became a very smooth ride over Italy to Bari. A flight of only two hours.

When we arrived in the early afternoon, I realized that in the very same hour the lorry with Winsome must have arrived at Berthon Boat Yard at Lymington UK. Coincidence or planned (?). Only Allah may know this.

Just after arrival at Bari. Stewardess in ground action

After having taken fuel we left for the hotel and started with a walk, me still limping

At the water front we noticed right away excercises by Optimists so my thoughts went back to Winsome, just having arrived in Lymington.



The city of Bari looked nice, like Lecce which we visited two years ago. Also here we found everything very cheaply priced. Nice atmosphere.

Then we found the perfect to shop for my friend Ton van Groeningen. Parmesan cheese for €22 per kilo and all sorts of meat.



Tomorrow we will make our flight to Kaisery in Turkey. We received a flight plan of 93 pages. I repeat ‘ninety-three pages’. Most pages written by Greek or Turkish Authorities being completely contradictory and at the same time aggressive. I have copied one page with these completely non-sensical NOTAMs [Notices to Airmen] which we are moreover expected to study.


Therefore our flight tomorrow could be quite interesting, but demanding at the same time. However our aircraft is so small that we may remain un-noticed and obtain an easy pass-by.

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