Our new Carbon Fibre mast

January 11, 2017

This is what Laura wrote about the correct spelling.

Yes, carbon fibre is the English version

There is no difference in meaning between fiber and fibreFiber is the preferred spelling in American English, and fibre is preferred in all the other main varieties of English.
Both spellings are many centuries old, and neither spelling was clearly prevalent on either side of the Atlantic until the second half of the 18th century. This was a period in which many British educators began to consider it proper for English words of French and Latin origin to take their more French and Latin forms rather than their more Anglicized forms. Fibre is the French spelling of the word from which the English word is derived, so it was promoted as the standard spelling despite its being unphonetic. The belief that French and Latin should hold sway over English never had much traction in the post-independence United States, and while Americans also favored the French spelling through the 19th century, the more phonetic fiber steadily gained ground through that century until becoming the preferred form around 1910.
In short there is no correct spelling, just English or Trumphian.
On Friday 6th of January we (Leen and myself) went to Hall Spars in Breskens to discuss the purchase of a Carbon Fibre mast. The discussions were very positive. Our impression was very good. I cannot go too much into details without writing at least four pages. The factory, quality and knowledge with Hall Spars, who made our previous (Proctor) mast in 1999, were impressive.

Yesterday 10th of January Leen travelled with Eddy Lambert to measure all points on deck, check the Proctor mast, check the fittings of the chain plates inside the boat en inspect at the same time the progress made by Berthon. Instead of words I attach some photographs made by .. yes indeed .. by Leen and forwarded to me by .. yes indeed .. also by Leen. This is what is called progress.




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