Winsome early February at Berthon’s

February 13, 2017

Yesterday we visited Cowes to look for the HF antenna, check the number of track slides on the Try Sail and pick up some new stanchions. We did not find the HF antenna, but we counted 9 track slides, which need to fit the new Try Sail track.

We found the new SeaRugs (sleeping bags) forwarded by Robert Jones from Australia to Cowes. Thank you Robert.

Today we moved to Berthon’s to discuss and look at the progress made on Winsome.

The new fitting sheets are beautiful and are nicely matching my pajamas from Sevil Row.

Winsome new keel configuration, designed by Ben Lexcen, has to be kept strictly confidential so there is a plastic curtain around it.

Our newly refurnished wet locker exceeds all my expectations. Spinlock may be proud.

Work on the new chain plates is progressing.

The jobs are all on schedule so there is good hope Berthon will be able to launch her on 24 March.

Last but not least Campbell Field cane and visited us during our inspection of Winsome and handed me the new polars and gave me a lot of back ground information which I will try to relay as good as possible to Boj.

Post by Harry Heijst | February 13, 2017 |