Visiting Hall Spars in Breskens and mv BigRoll Barentsz in Flushing

April 19, 2017

The first looks at our new carbon fibre mast. Production on schedule, mast to be fitted 1-2 June in Breskens. We (Leen, Frans Smits, Harry) made this visit today.




No weight lifting (boom) for Leen any more

Then we proceeded to Flushing to attend the naming ceremony of mv BigRoll Barentsz, a very special ship consisting of only one super strong platform of 100×42 meters. It took Mrs Magda Picchetto three attempts to break the bottle of Champagne (It took my mother only two attempts to break her bottle on mv Egmondgracht). There appeared to be no damage to the ship.

The last photograph gives a view from the back end of the bridge to the end of the platform. The SeaTrade ship looks really tiny.

It was a day of two extreemes.



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