26 October. 3rd leg LIGR-HEAL (El Alamain, Egypt) 373 Nm

October 27, 2017

Pilatypus waited patiently for us and did not fall on it’s tail, in spite of the down slope in which she was parked. Sophie took right away her position in the cockpit to avoid that this would happen when adding our luggage to the cargo hold. She also started our tracker outside the fuselage to increase our chances for the tracker to stay in touch with the satellites

take off from Heraklion LGIR direction SITIA VOR

After departure it became that the Egyptian Charts could not be displayed on our APEX, but we had them on our iPads. Anyhow some homework ahead of us to sort this out with INDS/Honeywell once landed in El Alamain.

again a lot of demanding weather on the way to EL ALAMAIN

We landed at a completely empty airport in El Alamain, except for three old DC-10 being parked there for years already.

HEAL – an airport in the desert

Enough eyes to look how the fuel was loaded by one man plus Urs.

We had to make a three hours trip by car to Alexandria where we stayed in the once famous Cecil Hotel. The evening and the entire next day Mr Milad Abousaif and his grandson Sharif entertained us in the best possible manner one could imagine.

The photo’s here below are all taken in or around Milad’s beach cabin.

Here after photo’s in Alexandria.


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